What the f*ck is personal brand photography?

Quite basically…

Personal = you
Brand = what you do
Photography = images of you & what you do

Straightforward, personal brand photography is the labor to the fruit of the content you use for marketing / websites / social platforms / anywhere your brand is involved.

Why do I even need this?

In the world of today, we battle goldfish brain (short attention spans, multitasking and boredom with content) as well as creating content that stands out from everyone else.

Additionally, we are immersed in being personable. No longer can you front a business without giving it blood, life and soul. Or use #selfies.

The best way to be personable?

Showing who you are and what you do. Be it the designer with notebooks laden with doodles, dog and tea at elbow. Or perhaps the consultant of a niched arena, well dressed, laptop toting, espresso from the boutique coffee shop in hand, a client engaged with her as they adventure together towards the new design of business or life. The florist in her jungle, the photographer commanding his images, the stylist styling, into every realm of businesses and the people driving them.

* Bonus: you will build trust, relationships, and humanity into your business

The best way to show your personality? Bitchin images.

If content is king, images are the majestic outfit he’s wearing that hold all eyes on him.

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