So this is what 2019 is shaping into: exercise.

Understand, this was no end of 18 resolution, doomed to be exhausted by mid June, or the second full moon in a month or a mere 14 days after the year had begun.

This was counterbalance.

The newest enabled hobby involves the scientific process of mixing solids and wet ingredients to create delectable consumables. Baking.

To balance the end result of delicious baked treats and a waistline that was happy to share with the world in a show of plumpness, a decision was chosen. Exercise.

Obsessive information was gathered, a inexpensive yoga mat and sports bra purchased (because how long would this new endeavor stick?), the routine set for in home convenience, the forced habit created.

Why a forced habit? Mostly because subzero temperatures are running rampant here in MN. The cold is an uncomfortable friend who inspires hibernation under layers of cashmere sweaters and down blankets, and bunkering down until the temps level into balmy 30s or higher. Straight up, I’m cold.

This excuse of being cold is pushed aside to be bypassed. Instead of undress to redress with frozen fish fingers, we can work out in normal clothes to defeat the cold (which end up being a bit too hot and stuffy, but hey we’re working out!).

When the Brooks go on my brightly sock clad feet, we exercise. Excuses don’t exist.

The routine is 5 days workout with 2 days rest, styled in an A/B fashion where A days are weight and B days are cardio. (Too cold to run, so cardio has been a creative endeavor. Also least favorite workout day.)

The shoes on. Pending on the cold level we are either in the day’s regular plain clothes or the “workout” gear (teal sweatshorts, an AC/DC t-shirt with lace sleeves, sports bra with rainbow lightning bolts). The yoga mat is upstairs in the living room.

We begin. Thunder by Imagine Dragons is the warmup song, the sound broadcast throughout the house by RED LEADER (what our Sonos is called, my boyfriend gets credit for the name). No stretching, just mirror actions to the coming workout. The goal is muscle engagement, lubrication in warmth.

The routine begins driven by an electric musical vibe (Check This Out by Toby Green will give you the general gist of the sounds). Yes there is an occasional Jock Jams song, infrequent aggressive rock/metal song, and more frequently Bust a Move by Young MC (oddly old school just wedged into the sounds, it makes me laugh).

5×5 is how the routine flows. The count per action, 1-5 (makes a rep) done 1-5 times (1 makes a set). Move on to the next and continue the count. Pause to catch breath and/or girate hips in lusty motions matched to the beat, pending song of course.

Repeat until at least 30 mins has been eclipsed. Cooldown, typically in the booty shaking fashion of Turn Down for What by DJ Snake.

Huzzah! We did it!

— 14 days in! Assumed by a 1960s document and internet magic, 21 days is the magical marker for a habit. Newer studies put the marker at 66 days on average. Either way, we are determined to keep forging forward, making working out and excerise to be as routine as making eggs for breakfast.

  1. I love your motivation to find ways to workout and not let these MN subzero frozen tundra temperatures discourage you from going after your goals! That’s so awesome and very inspiring! I have been looking into starting yoga up again soon! That’s a perfect way to get in a workout in the confidence of your own home!

  2. So inspirational Cahlean! Thank you for sharing! It’s SO hard to get back into a healthy routine.. but you just may have given me that helpful push!

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