You’ve arrived! Whew!

Have you been exhausted by the quest for a personal branding photographer / headshot photographer / brand photographer?

Let me pour you a drink. Warm or cold? A shot or two of Grandmother’s “tonic”? Settle into a cozy chair for a bantering and ease of mind.

This is a vast ocean of fish (and Phish), all sporting a similar method to the creative capture that is photography. On the cut and dry, each is also similar in their personalities. The laundry list in the history of their cameras, why they love photography, the things they do on a Sunday & every other free day with their spouse/children. Nothing as a marker of different from the next. (And whoever decided that was THE template for nearly every bio everywhere needs a firm boot in the ass, steel toe optional).

Wouldn’t it better if it was aligned like type of conversation that occurs with your best as you stuff your faces with just baked cookies and pinky up sips of the wine / whiskey / coffee from the biggest or favorite mug, pending of course the occasion and time of day?

Damn right it would be!

For starters, just pronounce my name correctly: Cahlean (ca-lean).

Secondly, your assumption that I am a photographer is correct.
— The duration of time to mark my credentials in the art form run long in age. If you really want to know the backstory, ask.

The notations of myself that need an introduction to our relationship:

* dog mom & perpetual dog nerd
* black coffee for AMs (unless we are talking Caribou then Campfire Mochas…)
* whiskey in the shape of Old Fashioneds for PMs
* pizza & donuts will always be accepted as bribery
*being an avid reader and wanderlust in the realm of words
* loaded with quirky quips, high wit & random giggles
* I see faces… in inanimate things (called pareidolia)

Other notable points towards my humanity:

– there is a very specific blue that holds as my favorite
– consumption of all the baking shows and translation into creation (first attempt at royal icing was a runny success)
— knowledge questing phases: Pyrex, Fry glass, cake stands, making the perfect frosting, dinosaurs, dog breeds, 1950s styles…

The defining words:
– fun / creative / strong / talented / smart / dreamer / eternal optimist

What are your notable notations?

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