Ah, coffee. The life zip for the day. Found in every color from rich black to a pale Swedish tan, with the bitterness of an old neighbor or the sweetness of a new puppy.

Fitting there was a mug that proclaimed what we coffee drinkers feel about coffee: love.

The specs:
– #1 & #2: Nikon + 105 f1.4 + strand of red & pink lights + hand cut heart shape + octobox to the right, feathered and flagged + flag & bounce on left

– #3: Nikon + 85 f1.4 + incense smoke + tiny vintage spoon + same lighting setup, cutting board removed

– remaining images: Nikon + 85 f1.4 + same lighting setup // splashes created with sugar cubes in camera – no composites.

Props: Teak cutting board, string of lights, incense, Peace Coffee coffee beans, tiny silver spoon with natural antiqued patina, love mug.

Huge thank you to my boyfriend for being the coffee pourer and artistic sugar cube dropper.

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