We all know #SELFIES don't cut it in business

Bypass the #SELFIES, heck, chuck aside the static, lifeless, snapshots of your business. You need images to convey the authentic personality & story of your brand WITHOUT spending eons of TIME creating them.

You want to convey personality, authenticity & trust in your business.

A little challenging when the images forging your story are flaccid, dust covered snapshots cut in the formula of emotionless technical manuals of the workings of paper clips. Agreed?

(And really do you have the TIME to artfully craft content for every stage of social media you are engaged on at the minimum of once per day WHILE running a BITCHIN business?)

Why are FRESH images so DAMN important anyway??

I update my website every year ending in an even number
& post to social media a few times a month, sometimes...

Damn important #1 = Haircuts & seasons
Seriously - in the span of a year we will have entered into 4 quarters of seasons, clothing trends and equally as many trims of hair.
Not to mention weight fluxes, new babies and puppies, or the EPICALLY awesome new service or product you offer that is the next MUST HAVE!
(fact: updates = relatable. You become a real "I've been through that too person" vs a faceless automated bot)

Damn important #2 = Bricks to trust & authenticity
Being authentic & trustworthy lends you to being a real person. A person to be considered as an inspiration, helper or a friend. All of the above if luck is in your favor.
For your clients its the difference from investing in a trusted friend or being sales-personed by a slick greased sleazeball who is merely a money grubber.
(fact: people buy from people they TRUST & LIKE & RELATE TO. )

Damn important #3 = Goldfish attention spans
In the wealth of information we have access to underneath our fingers, our attention spans have dropped to goldfish.
Mere seconds to form the judgment - do I trust you to buy or I'm indifferent, move on to the next. Fresh images help counter this and capture attention on every platform.
(fact: fresh images = attention = sales )

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In the end your clients are buying YOU. Show them who you are. Be #memorable.

The festering question - how f*ing much?

(Keep in mind these aren't JUST pictures. )

You will gain images that broadcast the spunk, sass, and creativeness you own, the sparkle that beams outward with each massive smile, the vast depth of service and care you lend to each person who invests in you, the still life elements that make your brand, and every BITCHIN detail that sets you apart from the hordes and captures the attention of the goldfish brain.

Optional: unicorns, whiskey, kittens/puppies, glitter, rollerskates & 50s hair.

  • One & Done

    • 1 session
    • 30 images

    • * no further commitment, repeat as needed

    • UNLIMITED IMAGES 500+ per year
    • up to 1 session per month (12 total)
    • + VIDEO worthy of going viral
    • hair & makeup included

    • * billed monthly with annual contract
  • Options
    What does UNLIMITED IMAGE USAGE mean?

    Straight up it means you can use the images for every application (minus selling them) of every part of your business.

    The shortlist of places to use your images:
    - website header / about / content
    - blog content
    - Instagram / Facebook / Pintrest content
    - book covers & bios
    - everything else your brand does
    (just don't sell them & we will be kosher)

    Don't want to freeze your ass off in MN? Fly me to you!

    No losing your buns from freezing your ass off (honestly summertime isn't THAT cold, just mosquitos...). Opt to fly me to wherever your next adventure is.

    --- Travel add-on: $500/day + lodging (pending location/length)

    Will you just take pictures of the awesome things I make/create?
    Heck yes I will! Send them my way! You'll get 100 images with UNLIMITED USAGE with Amazon/Ebay white backgrounds as well lifestyle images of your product in use if you desire. Starting at a mere $1000.    

Reaching out, touching me, touching you...

{Sweet Caroline, bum bum bum...}
Neil Diamond aside, here's a great place to reach out and touch base:

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Personal brand photography ought to have personality too. Bonus: verbiage.