You have approx 7 seconds before....

The attention is lost. This can take you from OOOO tell me more of how to you can help me, you get me, you've got my attention to meh, lameo, this other thing more interesting, this other thing is the thing of things, 500 other tabs open and gone away from your website. Dammit.

How do you capture the 7 second goldfish attention span? Bitchin images.

By the way, there has been studies done on where our attention span is before we loose interest. Yes it is the same as a goldfish's.

  • Easy enough. Bitchin images. But who has the TIME?

    We get it. Creating the bitchin images, creating the content takes TIME.

    Here's where you need help. Instead of spending HOURS posing your products, working every angle for the perfect selfie, then realizing you've just petered away half a day for two pictures that you may eventually post to social media in a "two weeks is still a timely manner" mentality... you bring us in for professional in action of you doing your business, yourself (the YOU of your business is why people hire or buy from you). From there, hand us your products and when its a wrap, you get the images.

    Easy peasy.

    TL;DR Save time, get BITCHIN content.

Why are FRESH images so DAMN important anyway??

I update my website every year ending in an even number
& post to social media a few times a month, sometimes...

Damn important #1 = Haircuts & seasons
Seriously - in the span of a year we will have entered into 4 quarters of seasons, clothing trends and equally as many trims of hair.
Not to mention weight fluxes, new babies and puppies, or the EPICALLY awesome new service or product you offer that is the next MUST HAVE!
(fact: updates = relatable. You become a real "I've been through that too person" vs a faceless automated bot)

Damn important #2 = Bricks to trust & authenticity
Being authentic & trustworthy lends you to being a real person. A person to be considered as an inspiration, helper or a friend. All of the above if luck is in your favor.
For your clients its the difference from investing in a trusted friend or being sales-personed by a slick greased sleazeball who is merely a money grubber.
(fact: people buy from people they TRUST & LIKE & RELATE TO. )

Damn important #3 = Goldfish attention spans
In the wealth of information we have access to underneath our fingers, our attention spans have dropped to goldfish.
Mere seconds to form the judgment - do I trust you to buy or I'm indifferent, move on to the next. Fresh images help counter this and capture attention on every platform.
(fact: fresh images = attention = sales )

In the end your clients are buying YOU. Show them who you are with BITCHIN images.

What do you need help with?

Help with images of: YOU, headshots, and product images - in action, in use, on display, e-com. You're in the right place.

You will gain images that broadcast the spunk, sass, and creativeness you own, the sparkle that beams outward with each massive smile, the vast depth of service and care you lend to each person who invests in you, the still life elements that make your brand, and every BITCHIN detail that sets you apart from the hordes and captures the attention of the goldfish brain.

Optional: unicorns, whiskey, kittens/puppies, glitter, rollerskates & 50s hair.

  • One & Done

    • We meet once for the year for a mega meeting - pack your wardrobe this is going to be quite the ride!
    • We'll spend a chunk of time (up two 2 hours) creating ample content that will get you through the year with moderate social posting (2 times a week every week for the year)
    • 100 custom to your brand images
    • optional addons:
    • +social media management

    • * starting at 2500 / all images tailor fit to your brand

    • We are going to be besties of the MEGA best degree. We'll meet EVERY month - perfect for the most current, on point images for your brand.
    • We'll be able to create EXACTLY what you need in a super quick session and turn around.

    • * starting at 500 per month // 1 year commitment / the BESTEST MEGA MOST AWESOME IMAGES

Personable Ramblings

Personal brand photography ought to have personality too. Bonus: verbiage.

Reaching out, touching me, touching you...

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